So week 4 was the last week of term. At the start of the week we met up to try and get the networking on the Gadgeteer working which we struggled with the week before.

I used some example code which can be found at which looks completely different to any of the code we had been using before. Interestingly, it uses “static EthernetBuiltIn Eth1 = new EthernetBuiltIn();” instead of the Ethernet module used in the drag and drop interface like in other examples. Further to this, we needed to drag and drop a wireless module to be able to use GHI.Premium.Net since using a wired one gave us errors despite still using the wired one on the actual device. I won’t pretend to understand it and clearly we’re doing something wrong but it works so I have no complaints for now.

During the labs we were able to set up a small network and make a quick RESTful API where a python program on one of the laptops could change the colour of an LED.

Over the Christmas break we’ll be taking a week out to finish the HCI&SE project before the deadline and then we’ll make a complete API for the Gadgeteer to be interacted with by the Raspberry Pi etc.