This is my first post for the blog and I'll be writing up on what we've been working on for the first two weeks. So it started with 10 titles and a brief description of the project being posted up on moodle. After looking through the list of choices, I decided to pick Home Automation and Security as my project to work on because it seems interesting.

We were given a Gadgeteer Hardware which initially consist of roughly 15 components such as a FEZ Spider Mainboard, motion sensor, LED, USB module, camera, buttons, a touch screen display etc. In our first meeting, we installed the softwares needed. At first my laptop couldn't detect the hardware, but after re-installing everything I managed to get it working.

So we looked into some exercises to work on some simple programs. The first one is using a button to light up the LED according to the color we've programmed. Another one is capturing and displaying pictures using the camera, button and the touch screen display.

After discussing the features of an automated house in the second meeting, we were assigned to do research on the given features. My task was to work on mood modes, parental and lock control. A rough idea on mood mode is to have a few options which allows the user to choose a mode according to his mood. After choosing a particular mode, the condition of the room (or maybe the whole house) will change according to what we've programmed. As for parental and lock control, maybe we could do something like locking and unlocking the doors remotely through phone or computer, checking the status of a door, receiving an alert message when a lock is opened.