So, we all managed to survive until the end of the week, despite everyone's to-do lists experiencing buffer overruns.

I got somewhere with the front-end development, but since very little actual hardware functionality has been implemented at the moment, we decided to put it on hold for now. I coded up the core of it from scratch (bar jquery.min.js of course), in around 10 hours, brushing-up and adjustments plus a couple more. I've been reading a fantastic book - JavaScript Patterns, by Stoyan Stefanov, so this was another opportunity to practice JS Object creation and design patterns. Haven't seen a use for prototype augmentation, (multiple) inheritance, and partial function application though, which are what I really wanted to try out. This is what I had when I put it on hold:


Actual screenshot at 1920 x 1080

So, a clock and some menus, the only one which does anything at the moment besides hiding and reappearing is quitting via window.close(). Can't really implement anything else at the moment until ...


...the good part. I'm diving into back-end development this week, and about time too. Lab assistant initially recommended Flask, but I thought otherwise because of what we're trying to do, and suggested Django instead. After some discussion with the assistants, we agreed.

So, having zero experience with the back-end and Django, my own goal for the week - see if I can get it to respond to an XMLHttpRequest loaded with a JSON string, and parrot it right back. If I manage to do that, I'll be happy, as I have two pages to CSS up their L&F for some videocast we're doing, and about 4 UML diagrams to draw out, as well as an individual write-up in another module, and I have about three days to get that done, before Monday. Yeah.

Getting back on topic, I'll be looking at ways to present the information within the front-end as well afterwards, despite its status being on-hold. I don't want to have to navigate between different documents when one of those buttons are clicked - our application is supposed to be lightweight, so I'm thinking of sliding in loaded divs based on button triggers, so that's what I'm going to do for the front-end.

This blog

Jerrine registered for the blog today (Friday, 7th December), so the setup for the blog is finished. Set up the feeds, CSS and JS bindings and the usual stuff (and our fifth and final awesome color rgba(255, 150, 150, 1.0)), so I'm expecting minimal configuration for the blog delivery system now, apart from the trivial act of adding in a new category every week.

And that's it for this week.